Resourcyonyx - A Learning Powered Dinosaur

The Resourcyonyx was really imaginative because it thought of new ideas to hunt fish and to hide from predators. This fierce dinosaur capitalized on how it hid so all the time it was thinking about improving its hiding skills. The Resourcyonyx was reasonable by reasoning with things around it when he was lost. It was also known to have eaten fish as well as other dinosaurs. This fish-eating dinosaur was really resourceful by using things around it to sneak up on fish.

Appearance - This fierce Resourcyonyx is 3m high and 8m long. It had a medium-sized tail. It was 3 tonnes in weight and had very bumpy skin. It stood on two back legs that were extremely strong.

Behaviour - It could be very fierce when bothered and could be also very quick if it had to get away from preadators.

Habitat - It hunted in packs and not on its own. It lived close to rivers so it could get its favourite food that was fish.

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