Class Cook's Adventure Games

Today we went to the ICT suite to play with the interactive games that had been written by the children in Class Cook. There was an incredible variety of adventures with lots of different puzzles and problems or challenges to solve. It was obvious that they had had a lot of fun setting the games and had learned lots about using hyperlinks and selecting or creating their own images to make their games really fun to explore.

When Mr Clements told us to go off to play with the games I mostly played with this game Oliver made.  It was about trying to defeat a monster and it was the best game I played.  (Jamie B)

We went into the ICT suite to look about adventure puzzles that were very good with amazement.  It was about cracking the right answers by getting it right. If you get it right you go down one way but if you get the wrong answer it is the end of the game. I liked all the games because they all were different activities to solve. (Joshua)

All the games were amazing. They were all about different things: some were about crimes and some had pictures that were from t.v.  They were really hard to do because if you put what you would do you would probably get it wrong. (Lena)




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Comment 1 Comment by Katie T on 18 Mar 14 at 4:03pm | Quote this comment
:-* I really enjoyed doing the interactive games because you never knew what was going to happen when you clicked something, you had to be really risky :sigh:
Comment 2 Comment by Archie Cl on 19 Mar 14 at 8:07am | Quote this comment
I really liked playing on all the games but my favourite one was Jake's because it was really challenging when you had to avoid getting bullied. I also really liked the special effects they created - my favourite was the vortex.
Comment 3 Comment by Eliza R on 22 Mar 14 at 9:20am | Quote this comment
I really enjoyed these games. My favourite one was Charlie's and Dylan's because they had themselves in it and you had to chose who was your hero. 8)

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