Drake's 7: Rules to stay safe online

Today we have been thinking about how to make sure that we stay safe when using the internet. We decided to make some rules that you should follow whenever you are using a computer - either in school or at home.

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1. Never give away your own or anyone else's personal information.

2. Never be spiteful or rude to anyone online.

3. If you see anything horrible on screen tell your parents or delete it.

4. Only send messages to people you know.

5. Don't visit websites you're not familiar with.

6. Dont spend too long on the might damage your brain!

7. Always press the red cross when an email comes on screen from a stranger.

We also spend time making up our own fake passwords and trying to crack each other's passwords but Mr Clements helped us a bit (Olivia M).

Comments that people have made about this blog post

Comment 1 Comment by Lucy T on 18 Mar 14 at 7:38am | Quote this comment
Now I know how to be safe online. I will always do all these safe rules online because they are the best rules ever! Lucy T
Comment 2 Comment by Katie T on 18 Mar 14 at 4:13pm | Quote this comment
They are very good rules to follow so now when i go online i can be 99% safe :D (the only way to be 100% safe is by not going online at all!)

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