What did the land of the dinosaurs look like?

Have you ever wondered where the dinosaurs lived or what the world they inhabited looked like?

Maybe it looked a bit like the amazing land Peter has created.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 17 Mar 14 at 11:07am | Quote this comment
Wow, Peter: that's amazing! Please tell us how you made it!
Comment 2 Comment by Eliza R on 17 Mar 14 at 5:10pm | Quote this comment
Wow,this model is amazing. How did you do it?
Comment 3 Comment by Ellis W on 17 Mar 14 at 6:22pm | Quote this comment
Peter, how on earth could you have done that, it's amazing! I love the way you did the setting, placing the dinosaurs around and you also did the exact sort of paint colours you'd think a volcano would look like.
Comment 4 Comment by Hattie B on 17 Mar 14 at 7:02pm | Quote this comment
I now know what dinosaurs homes looked like. This is a brilliant model of a volcano!
Comment 5 Comment by Archie Cl on 19 Mar 14 at 7:55am | Quote this comment
It is a very cool model of a volcano and I don't know how you made it. I really liked the lava in the volcano because it looks so realistic.

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