A weekend away

On Saturday I visited Birmingham to go to the big bang science fair. I went to see a big show called Do you want to be a super hero? It taught us that infra-red light goes through clouds and you can see many more stars through an infra-red telescope. Then I made an uranium atom out of plastic balls and plastic connectors and then made a crystal out of sweets which we got to take home and eat! I saw a model of the fastest car in the World which will, hopefully, go one thousand kilometres an hour. I went to a rocket making stand and they had a big machine to launch the rockets that we made. I thought mine went far but when I saw the machine in full power which blasted a rocket all the way to the back of the hall I thought WOW.

On Sunday I had to leave our house by 10:00 because we were going to a christening. There was no chance of going to the actual christening but at least we got there in time to say hello to baby Joshua. Once we had gone to the christening we went to a park but baby Joshua and his parents, Richard and Lisa, did not go as Joshua was too young. When I went to their house I played a game of Ingenious against Uncle Richard. When I had to go Lisa put Joshua down and fed him because he was crying, but he carried on crying.


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