The dinosaur

Once there was a dinosaur called Danny . Danny was scared by most dinosaurs because he was a tyranasaurus Rex and they eat dinosaurs. So Danny did not have any friends and he was lonely. One day he was out on a walk looking for some food. He came across a dinosaur and he said "don't run I'm not going eat you."  The  dinosaur didn't run but she said " if you don't eat me I will give you a friend! "  so Danny was led to a small dinosaur that was looking lonely. Danny said " can I be your friend?" The small dinosaur just ran away. Danny was sad that his new friend ran away. So he kept walking. Eventually he found another dinosaur and asked if she would be his friend and the dinosaur said "no because your scary". Danny kept walking until he found a dinosaur so he asked  and the dinosaur said yes because you're a T Rex and Danny said yay and theywalked off to think about  what they were going to do. Suddenly a dinosaur jumped out and tried to fight the friend (who is called Tommy) said we need to work as a team to fight it. Danny cried "what's a team?" and Tommy said "it means together "so together they fought the dinosaur.

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Comment 1 Comment by Georgia S on 13 Mar 14 at 5:32pm | Quote this comment
I really enjoyed your story but you could add some more connectives 8)
Comment 2 Comment by Connie J on 13 Mar 14 at 6:02pm | Quote this comment
I liked your dinosaur story. Mostly I liked it when they made friends.
Comment 3 Comment by Katie T on 14 Mar 14 at 8:15am | Quote this comment
:lol: i really like the way you've linked it to our topic and the idea of team work! ;-)
Comment 4 Comment by Hattie B on 17 Mar 14 at 7:08am | Quote this comment
This is amazing! It links to one of our core values, happiness but you need to think about paragraphs. :-)

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