They Made a Difference

I am very sad about this topic ending because I loved to learn about Historical figures who made a difference to the world'. I knew about some people and the significcant impact they had made to the world.

We enjoyed our Launch day when we all dressed up as people who made a difference. It was  extreme good.


...we would guess who Mr. Clements was ( famous people of course)

It was very,very, good fun because we liked the dressing up because we could make or design our own costumes.   Henry.

This Topic was propably the best so far. In English we wrote about famous people and we learnt about how they made a impact on the world.  In IPC we learnt what it takes to be a hero; and how we could make a difference.  Some people made a bad impact on the world like Hitler.  We all thought of what impact we could do on the world, like discover a land with amazing trees. We all had lots of fun. Lena and Jamie.

We liked the topic because we researched lots about famous people who made  a difference and we searched all about them . Sam Br









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