The Mad Mix by Lucy T.

The Mad Mix

Once upon a time in the 1980’s there was a kind boy called Filipe. He lived in Brazil where he made chocolate, but not normal chocolate! Filipe’s recipe for making chocolate went like this:

  1. First he gathered six pods of cocoa beans
  2. Next he squashed them all up and mixed them in a bowl with butter
  3. Then he added 99kg of vinegar
  4. A rotten, stinky fish or two was next in line
  5. What a treat, baked beans and cabbage are dumped in next
  6. Olives and peperoni get thrown in the gooey, sticky mixture  
  7. Finally, in goes the coke a cola

After he’d made bags full of chocolate he got a ferry to take it to Ireland. When the strange chocolate arrived, the Queen ordered her loyal servant to collect a bar. When she tried it, she said “This chocolate tastes really rather horrible.” But all of a sudden, something magical happened, something amazingly magical… the  chocolate came whizzing and fizzing out of her mouth and into the sky where it was never to be seen again. The Queen’s daughter (Mallaidh) watched in wonderment and wanted to try it for herself.

Later that afternoon Mallaidh had her first bite of the interesting chocolate, curiously it didn’t behave in the same way as it did for her mother, instead it made her fly up, up and away. After a while Mallaidh floated down gracefully and said in astonishment “Wow, that was the best experience I have ever had, I must to do that again.” So Mallaidh had another marvellous chocolate squidge, this time it turned her upside down and changed her into a meowing dog.

Soon the whole land was filled with wacky animals and bizarre behaviours. So Filipe stopped making and baking before the world erupts. Find out what nutty invention Filipe will dream up in the next story.

Comments that people have made about this blog post

Comment 1 Comment by Mr Clements on 19 Dec 13 at 3:02pm | Quote this comment
A fantastic start to the adventures of Felipe, Lucy. I can't wait to read more......
Comment 2 Comment by Katie T on 27 Jan 14 at 2:30pm | Quote this comment
great story good use of adjectives and time connectives 8)
Comment 3 Comment by Olivia M on 27 Jan 14 at 2:30pm | Quote this comment
Great story I would not have wanted to try the chocolate though!!!
Comment 4 Comment by Sam B on 27 Jan 14 at 2:30pm | Quote this comment
That was brilliant,Lucy!
I'm amazed,there were loads of emotive language!!! :D :lol:
Comment 5 Comment by Alfie W on 27 Jan 14 at 2:33pm | Quote this comment
it is a realy good story i want to read more about Filipe and his chocolate 8)
Comment 6 Comment by Lena B on 27 Jan 14 at 2:34pm | Quote this comment
a brillant story lucy i would wish they were real :-)
Comment 7 Comment by Alice H on 27 Jan 14 at 2:34pm | Quote this comment
great story i wonder what might happen next time
Comment 8 Comment by Hattie B on 27 Jan 14 at 2:34pm | Quote this comment
It was very imaginative and full of excitment. Well done! I think it is a exellent tale about a troublesome chocolate maker! I can't wait for the next one. :-)
Comment 9 Comment by Kieran W on 27 Jan 14 at 2:35pm | Quote this comment
that was brillant lusy
Comment 10 Comment by Kane U on 27 Jan 14 at 2:35pm | Quote this comment
Amazing Lucy, you have a great imagination. I particularly like the bit when the queen eats chocolate.

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