Jonny The Cacao Farmer: A Fairtrade Chocolate story

Once upon a time, there lived a cacao farmer called Jonny.   One day, Jonny and his helpers  decided that they wanted to persuade the factories in England to buy their cacao at a fair price.

So, on that cold, bitter night, he wrote a letter to the factories that went like this: 

Dear factories owners,

                               Me and my workers have been working really hard picking and carrying the cacao pods ready for you.  Please could you buy our cacao for a fairtrade price of £100?

Thanks a lot,

Jonny Miller

To be continued............

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Comment 1 Comment by Jamie B on 27 Nov 13 at 6:24pm | Quote this comment
I really liked making up that story it was very fun. Jamie B.
Comment 2 Comment by Jamie B on 27 Nov 13 at 7:07pm | Quote this comment
I like it it's fantastic :lol:

Written by Daniel B

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