The Chocolate Catastrophe

The chocolate catastrophe

Once upon a time there lived a little girl called Pippa and she simply adored chocolate but that is not all she knew every thing to do with chocolate. One day her class went on a epic school trip to…… Cadburys world! She even got to design and make or design and bake some NEW chocolate and got a bar absolutely free! But just when they were walking back a security guard came and said “’ey you ‘orrible lot one of you ‘ust set the alarm off!”. When the security guard looked through all of the bags he found ten bars of chocolate in Pippa’s bag!

It had been a week since the accident and Pippa had been in a kids jail since. It was really upsetting because every day at the kids jail you had to say what you had done wrong and Pippa was innocent which was what made it upsetting. Also she didn’t get to see her parents much any more. She felt like a proper prisoner that had lost all its freedom for all eternity she just wanted to be released. What had she done wrong she thought, it wasn’t me who stole the chocolate I was framed!

Back at the school Pippa’s best friend, Isabel was looking at all the suspects that could have put the chocolate in pippa’s bag so they could take it out when it was hometime then if the alarm went off pippa would get caught. Isabel’s two main suspects were Robbie Poplin and Nick Rumpland the only problem was that she had no proof she would have to spy on them and if either of them said a thing about the incident she would record it and send it to Mr. Washington the headteacher.

The next day Isabel heard Robbie Poplin telling nick Rumpland that it was him who had put the chocolate into pippa’s bag! Straight away Isabel recorded it and brought it to the headteacher. As soon as he heard about it Mr. Washington shouted into the speakers “ROBBIE POPPLIN COME TO THE HEADS OFFICE NOW!”. When Robbie arrived he looked very confused until he saw the look on Mr. Washington’s face then he realized it was about the chocolate incident.

Back at the kids prison the lady that told them what to do every day was having a very long chat to the headteacher about that Pippa had been framed by Robbie. When the lady put down the phone she looked very pleased and she told Pippa to go and pack up all her belongings because it turned out she was innocent. ;)

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Wow - Kat, you are a great story teller ! That was very well written and very interesting!

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