In for a Tweet

Class Drake are starting to experiment with Twitter. We have created our very own laminated Twitter feed outside of our classroom. Our challenge is to try to reflect on our learning and write a tweet of no more than 140 characters telling people what we have been learning about.

Our first job is to find out what hashtags are for!


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Comment 1 Comment by Olivia M on 12 Nov 13 at 5:19pm | Quote this comment
I love doing the tweets because you get to find out what other people like doing and what skills different people have and that can be very helpful for doing V A Ks and working in groups in genral. But I still get confused with hash tags !!! :P
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Clements on 15 Nov 13 at 8:24am | Quote this comment
So do I Olivia! One way of thinking about the hashtags is to think of them meaning "this is about".

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