Aztec Day

As the launch for our new topic, the children in Milepost 3 spent the day dressed as Aztecs and learning some Aztec stories and legends; making Aztec patterns and masks; and starting to build their very own Aztec city.


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Comment 1 Comment by Katie T on 11 Nov 13 at 7:55am | Quote this comment
It was really fun dressing up as Aztecs and spending the day learning about the Aztecs. ;-)
Comment 2 Comment by Eliza R on 11 Nov 13 at 4:10pm | Quote this comment
I like the idea of dressing up while learning about the Aztecs. The best part was when we designed patterns in the Aztec style! :lol:
Comment 3 Comment by Mr Ryan on 11 Nov 13 at 8:02pm | Quote this comment
Quoting Sam B:
I liked making my costume tO wear.

Quoting Alfie W:
I really liked dressing up and learning about Aztecs.

Boys, I can't post your comments as you've used your full names. You will need to use your logins to avoid this and for Year 3's you'll be given these soon. Alfie, you'll need to use the login you have. Ask your teacher if you've forgotten it.
Comment 4 Comment by Hattie B on 12 Nov 13 at 7:43am | Quote this comment
I thought it was extremely fun building our aztec city because we had loads of time planning our bricks. Overall it was a really good session! ;-)

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