The Dark, Gloomy Castle

Julia has been inspired by our work on creating evocative story settings in English this week.

Here is her story. Read it if you are brave enough........

Jack felt a narrow shiver crawl down his spine. He felt scared. Terrified. He could hear bats flapping their wings to freak him out. Jack stopped running immediately. All Jack could hear was his panting. There lay ahead of him a colossal, misty, gruesome castle. Deserted, planted there, like someone had left it behind.

The trees were surrounding Jack and tugging at him like a strong magnet. They  were silent, spooky and strange. The evil, bitter air made the old trees creak like they were going to tumble down on Jack and splat him dead. The huge trees were like a ceiling of a prison cell. They were like policemen that tried to capture Jack and then plunge him into the rat-infested dungeon. Then Jack heard a faint, unpleasant laugh.

The sky was loathsome. Misty clouds lay on on the trees covering them thoroughy. Clouds covered the sun so it became dim lit. Jack heard a pitter patter. What was this? Boisterous lightning struck an old tree. Jackcould hear the terrible thunder above him. The noisy thunder was breaking through his ears. 

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