Time and Place, Earth and Space

The children have had a fantastic start to this term with our launch day - Mad Scientists Making Time Measuring Machines and then our trip to the Dr. Who Experience and the Senedd in Cardiff.

Our Knowledge Harvest has provided us with a lot of information and ideas as well as coming up with some fabulous questions that we want to try to find the answers to as the term goes on.

A huge thank you as always to all of you for supporting the children in terms of costumes and resources and to those parents who were able to come with us to Cardiff.

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Comment 1 Comment by Julia M on 23 Apr 13 at 4:39pm | Quote this comment
I loved the Dr Who experience because it certainly gave me more of an idea of the Dr Who monsters.Well, I knew some but not all of them. My favourite part of the experience was the bit when the daleks came out, with foggy smoke coming out behind the miniture holes. It really gave me a jump! Me and my friends were screaming in laughter and surprise. I really want to do it again despite knowing what is going to happen! :D

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