Ideas for Class Mexico Worship

For our class worship Lizzie was hoping to do something that catches someones attention. She wanted to get some dances and dramatic acts as well as facts because otherwise it will be boring and won't catch much attention. Furthermore she thought about a show with hosts and quizzes.  


Jensen thought our class worship should have some people dressed up as ECO-Xs and some people dressed up as Mexicians who have no clean water to drink. The ECO-Xs could come to the Mexicians' rescue by putting pipes on the floor (cardboard) and installing a water pump. He also thought we could introduce some facts and we could also have questions to see if the audience had remembered the facts from earlier on.

If we adopted some of Fin's ideas we could tell people about all the types of water. We could make pictures and tell them all about tsunamis, monsoons and floods. We could also describe what hapens to a house when it floods and we could tell them what water is made of. 

Jessica though we might do a quiz about water and Mexico; write a class poem; write a rap; investigate a story which comes from Mexico; dress up like a Mexican; and sing a song about our topic.

Holly wants our class worship to explore the water cycle and explain the different stages of it. She also wants us to do something about how they clean water in Mexico and we could look at ideas about how to save water. She would also like a quiz about the worship to see if they have learnt anything.

Julia's ideas included having a quiz to test how much poeple have learned from our class worship. She also thought there could be a person dressed as Eco x and there could be a group of people on the road who ask Eco x to help them. Eventualy Eco x finds away of helping the poor people who don't have any clean water to drink.

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Comment 1 Comment by Elizabeth W on 10 Mar 13 at 1:37pm | Quote this comment
Great ideas everyone! :-)
Comment 2 Comment by Otto on 12 Mar 13 at 7:14pm | Quote this comment
I think we should do some quizzes about Mexico water and the conditions of water in Mexico. I also think that we should do some dances an acts about Mexico.
Comment 3 Comment by Mr Clements on 14 Apr 13 at 6:21pm | Quote this comment
Chloe thought that Jessica's idea was really good

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