What is a poem?

In our English work this term we are looking at poetry. We started by writing definitions of what a poem is. Here are some of our ideas.

It's a story that rhymes - Otto.

A poem is something that normally talks about something. It can rhyme or repeat. They normally have a ryhthm. It can also be silly, funny or made up.Sometimes it talks about a certain thing - Holly.

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A poem can rhyme or have a rhythm to it. It can be repetitive or long or short. Also they can make a story up. You can hear a poem to catch the ryhthm or read it - Millie.

It is a rhyme that tells you about things. A poem doesn't have to rhyme but some do. A poem can be funny and lots of different things - Alex.

It's something that rhymes - Rosie.

A poem is when you speak you rhyme words together and you say all the words and it makes a poem - Chloe.

A poem is a piece of writing that can sometimes rhyme if the writer wants to. It can repeat something again and again Niamh.

It doesn't need to rhyme. Normally they are repetitive and funny. They nearly always relate to the same thing all the way through - Esme.

A poem is something like a song except that peoms can be tongue twisty. Poems are also basically like a silly story but funnier. They can be long or short and can even have emotion to it like funny, sad, angry, serious or happy - Maddy.

A poem is some sentences where they rhyme. All  the sentences have got something to do with the one that was before it and after it - Maisie.

A poem has to rhyme - Violet.

A word that rhymes with another word - Morgan.

A poem is rhythm. Sometimes they can be funny and sometimes they are boring. Also they can be real and they can be made up. Poems can be a rhyme - Callum

A poem is similar to a rhyme though poems don't have to rhyme though they sometimes do rhyme. Poems can be funny, mysterious,happy or sad - Alice.

A poem is a piece of writing that rhymes but it does not always rhyme and it can be funny and it can be about anything you want. It can have a weird title - it does not matter - Sam.

A poem is a piece of weird writing about a subject of the writer's choice. It can have rhyme, rhythm and repetition. These are the three parts that are usually in there somewhere - Colby.

It is something that can rhyme. A poem can also make people laugh as well as just making it something that can rhyme. It can also repeat after another - Rosie.

A poem is something that can be funny,sad or describing something. Poems often get found in the Internet and in books - Julia.

A poem is a ryhme that is in a tune and some poems are funny and some are not. The poem has to fit with the tune that you are saying - Harry.

It is something that tells a rhyming story and they normally have some sort of emotions in it like happiness, sadness or even something funny - Emma.

A poem is a made-up story that normally rhymes, and has repetition in it. But it doesn't have to. It can only be a poem if it has rhythm in it though - Joel.

A poem is a story that sometimes rhymes and nearly always is repetitive, short and has rhythm. It normally is about the same thing (start to finish) - Jensen.

A poem is something that can rhyme but not always- Connor.

It is something where a word rhymes with another e.g. cat and mat or playful and joyful - Morgan.

A poem is a rhyme or has rhyme in it e.g where and bear. It is a silly sort of story. But it could be serious,solemn or scary. One of the most well known poets (someone who writes poems) is A.A Milne: a children's writer who wrote the Winnie the Pooh stories and wrote silly poems too - Lizzie.

It is a simple rhyme like hey Diddle Diddle. A poem doesn't always rhyme. A rhyme is a big  sentence. I think a rhyme needs lots of adjectives - Amelia

A poem is like a story rhyme. A poem is a rhyme like shopping trolly - Sian.

A poem can rhyme but not all the time. Poems stay on one subjiect couse if it was on one thing then it went to another that would be a bit weird.A poem can be a tonnge twister. Poems can make you happy,sad or bored  - Jessica.





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An exhaustive knowledge harvest there from Class Mexico. PLEASE write back as to how your opinions and thoughts change by the end of your poetry unit? I'll be interested to compare how you thinking has changed (or not!)

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