Science Exhibition: Part 1

On Friday we had a fantastic end to our topic all about our bodies and staying healthy. Over the last two weeks we had made a variety of resources about the 5 main systems that our bodies have: the circulatory system; the respiratory system; the digestive system; the brain and the nervous system; and the muscular skeletal system. Click Read More if you want to find out more about it.


We had worked incredibly hard at home and in school to make a set of resources which we could use to teach KS1 children about how our bodies work. Before we showed our resources to them we invited our parents in to look at all the things we had made: interactive models, posters, diagrams, powerpoints and lots of other useful resources to help us explain what we have learned this term.

The morning was great fun. We learned lots and we hope our parents and the KS1 children did too.


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