On Tap

Next term our topic is called "On Tap" and it is all about water. Emma thinks we could learn about the water cycle, visit a sewage treatment works and learn about floods in other countries.

Julia thinks that the topic will cover what happens to the water before it arrives through the tap. She also thinks we are going to learn what happens to it in the sewers and where all the dirty water goes after it is used. She wants to find out how much water a household uses each week  and whether animals that are sometimes found near the sewers are harmed by the dirty water.

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Colby thinks our topic could be about water and how we get it from different countries. He also wants to explore what we do with it once we have got it, how water is made and produced; how water comes out of your taps every day and finally why is water light blue, dark blue or shaded in between?

Connor believes the topic will be about how we can save water and how we use it. He would like to find out where water comes from and where it goes after it goes down the plug hole as well as how water is made clean enough for us to use.

Esme wants to know where water comes from, how it gets to your tap, where in the world people don't get fresh clean water and why we need clean fresh water to stay alive. 

Sam thinks the topic will cover the water cycle and how it gets from one place to another. He wants to find out how the dirty water gets cleaned and where the water goes from the toilet and why people in other countries don't get clean water.

Finlay think it will be about how water is made into water that you can drink. He already knows that you cannot drink sea water as it is too salty, but you can drink rainwater as this has no salt in it. He hopes we will learn about how sea water become rainwater and what is done to rain water before it reaches our taps. Also we might be talking about water that we cannot drink, not just sea water but also dirty water as well (toilet water). 

We started our work by doing some art work about "What water means to us"


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Comment 1 Comment by Julia M on 10 Feb 13 at 9:31am | Quote this comment
I like the way everyone's paintings and collages use a lot of effect in a way. I really enjoyed painting a water backround and I would like to do some more painting and collaging in class Mexico. ;-)
Comment 2 Comment by Sian Da on 10 Feb 13 at 10:13am | Quote this comment
I think our topic will cover where water comes from, what process the water goes through, what type of chemicals are used to clean/kill any bugs in the water and how the water gets to our taps and the journey it takes.
Comment 3 Comment by Alex on 17 Feb 13 at 7:21pm | Quote this comment
I think our topic is about water and how we get it also how taps and water pipes work.
Comment 4 Comment by Mr Clements on 21 Feb 13 at 1:56pm | Quote this comment
Chloe " Where does the waste water go?
Comment 5 Comment by Julia M on 25 Feb 13 at 4:47pm | Quote this comment
How do people clean the water that is being used?
Comment 6 Comment by Mr Clements on 27 Feb 13 at 12:45am | Quote this comment
I hope the work we did today answered your questions Julia and Chloe.

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