Brain and Nervous system

These are parts of your brain.

Your hypothalamus controls your temperature and sweating. So when you are getting very hot it is your hypothalamus sending a message to your brain to say you are too hot and it starts releasing sweat to cool you down so you don't get too hot. If you get too cold your body starts shivering to get you back to your normal temperature.

Another part of the brain is your brain stem. It controls heart rate,breathing,digesting food and circulating blood.So if you didn't have your brain stem then you wouldn't be able to live because you wouldn't be able to breathe,you would starve because you couldn't be able to digest your food properly.

Your cerebrum is a very important part of your brain because it controls your memory, and if you wanted to kick a football or dance you wouldn't be able to do it without your cerebrum. Because it is very big it has been split up into two parts. Scientists think that the right half helps you think about stuff like music,colours and shapes ,the left side controls stuff like maths, logic and speech.Other people say that the right side controls the left and the left controls the right part of yourself.


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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 07 Feb 13 at 1:13pm | Quote this comment
Great non-chronological report on the brain, Joel. A well-written account which gives the reader just enough information whilst tantalising them to do some further reading if they wish.

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