The incredidle opener

This week we've been learning about VCOP. They are 4 super heroes who help you with your writting. The incredible opener makes your writing more exciting to reel your reader in and it makes them read on but also makes them think about what's going to happen next? The incredible opener makes the first word of your sentence better. The incredible opener jumps out at your reader. He can jump out lots of amazing words to make the start of your sentences better. Dr. Punctuation links to The Incredible Opener because without it your sentences wouldn't make sense. Dr. Punctuation can kind of do the same as the Incredible Opener because ...,! and a ? Exiting punctuation makes you want to read on because you would want to know the answer or what's going to happen. The incredible opener opens lots of amazing words so the start of the sentences are better then they were before. It can also have a big affect on if the reader reads it or is enjoying it in one way.

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