Investigating a hypothesis


See full size imageThis week we have been collecting data and trying to interpret it. Today we decided to test the hypothesis that height is related to age and that the older a person is, the taller they would be. We didn't think that it was true because we knew some people who were younger than others were actually taller than them but we wanted to test it mathematically.

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Josh came up with the idea of trying to find out if older people were taller than younger people. In groups we had to find the best way to find out that information for our maths set. Then we had to think of the best way to record that data. 

Then we had to make sure that we were measuring people accurately so we talked about and explored the best way to do this. Once we had all our results we had to think about how we could present our results and what they told us.

We decided that our results proved that the hypothesis that older people are taller than younger people was not true but we thought we might need some more data to prove it.

The next installment of our investigation will take place tomorrow. 




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