A Small Miracle - Part 2

We have continued using Peter Collington's book, A Small Miracle, to inspire our writing this week. We worked as reporters imagining what questions we might ask the old lady if we had a chance to interview her.

We were also inspired to write this week by the great response to our earlier work from the Boys' Latin School in Maryland, USA and the pictures they had drawn after having read our work. 

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The haggard old woman trudged wearily and miserably through the snow like a tortoise plodding on the muddy ground! ......Harry Mc.

The freezing cold mist blew onto the sad, old she ambled in the snow.....Chloe E.

The old, tattered woman climbed down the creaking, crackling stairs to the soft, crunchy snow....she looked across the at the pure, white blanket of of soft snow. She was a tortoise trying to get to her destination......Joel L.

As quiet as a mouse, the crooked old lady stumbled on as the bitter violent frostconstantly bit at her. The poor lady trudged onwards weakening every second.....Lizzie.

The poor, old, lonely, wrinkly woman....had a mysterious, unexpecte meal placed in her home.....As she tucked into her delicious meal like a ravenous lion eating its prey she looked up at the stars and remembered the happy times long ago in her farm with her friendly, fantastic family......Maddy T.



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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 06 Dec 12 at 4:45pm | Quote this comment
" the bitter violent frostconstantly bit at her..." ~ brilliant description, Lizzie!

" a ravenous lion eating its prey..." ~ effective simile, Maddy.

"She was a tortoise trying to get to her destination..." ~ brave use of a metaphor Joel.

There's some great learning taking place in Class Mexico this term. 8)
Comment 2 Comment by Sian Da on 09 Dec 12 at 11:36am | Quote this comment
The frail, tired old women continued weary through the bitter,icey snow. Each step was like a moutain to climb as the wind howled like a hungery wolf in the darkness.
Comment 3 Comment by Niamh K on 09 Dec 12 at 2:13pm | Quote this comment
I enjoyed being a reporter and writing about A Small miracle. I found writing about A Small Miracle was more fun than a normal lesson because it gave us a taste of what a real reporter would do. I would like to do somthing like this again. :lol:
Comment 4 Comment by Maisie Q on 09 Dec 12 at 4:16pm | Quote this comment
The old lady with her rags as clothes, limped through the snow with heaviness in her feet. She slipped and fell on the icy cold snow that blanketed the field as she walked on to her destination. All she could feel was the large shiver covering her body as she was surrounded by tiny people trying to help her . Like a oak tree pulled down by the wind she lay still on the ground.
Comment 5 Comment by alex on 09 Dec 12 at 7:03pm | Quote this comment
Very nice for a U.S.A class to visit our class blog.

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