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5Rs logoIn the last few weeks we have been focusing on different ways of learning and on learning behaviours. This has led us to looking closely at the 5 Rs and examples of where we have displayed these during different lessons.


Resourceful: During our treasure hunt day Lizzie thought that we had been resourceful because we used our knowledge to solve the clues. Jensen agreed and thought we'd shown it by using the tools we'd taken with us.

Eliza and Julia showed an example of this learning behaviour when they forgot what a reflex angle and a straight angle were so they looked on the Maths board to remind themselves. In the same lesson Joseph thought he was being resourceful when he got confused about the difference between acute and an obtuse angles. He asked a teacher to help him. Violet thought she was resourceful because when she was stuck she asked her Talk Partner for help. 

Reflective: Today, Tom thought the Red Dragons (Tom, Morgan, daisy, Bradley, Will M and Sam K) had been relective when trying to build the tallest tower. "We realised that our tower was becoming unstable so we took off the wonky part and rebuilt it."

Susie realised that she had drawn two angles that were the same when she I looked back at them so she changed one of them.

Resilient: Katy was resilient when she couldn't find a shape that had a right angle, an obtuse angle and an acute angle but she kept going until she found out the answers. Otto thought that the Unicorns (Otto, Millie W, Esme, Jessica, Julia and Susie) had shown resilience by keeping going when their tower kept falling over and trying to find a way to make it more secure.

Ready: The Cheesed Off team (Maisie, Alice, Katy and Eliza) were ready for today's Tower Challenge. They looked around to see what they could use and thought about what would and wouldn't work. They planned what they were going to do before they started. 

Responsible: The Spheres (Amelia T, Will T, Sam B, Josh) were responsible when they realised that they needed to put bigger things at the bottom to make their tower more stable.

We also talked about transferable skills and how we might use the things we had learned today in our lesson about 3d shapes. The children thought that if we had lived in Ancient Egypt the skills would have been useful for building the pyramids. In more modern times, the skills would be used by people moving house and packing a removal lorry or by engineers and house builders.   



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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 04 Dec 12 at 4:23pm | Quote this comment
Those learning behaviours are coming on very nicely, Class Mexico. Keep up the good learning and tell us more on the blogs when you feel that you have used any of the R's within your learning... or maybe a combination of several!

I'm sure Mr Clements will show you how to create your own posts to do this! ;-)
Comment 2 Comment by Mr Clements on 05 Dec 12 at 11:19pm | Quote this comment
....Quoting Chloe E:
I was ready when we had to build towers with building blocks because I got everything that I needed to do this activity in maths.

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