Setting Sail on The Golden Hinde

golden hindeOur first journey as Cabin Boys began on Tuesday as we embarked upon a dangerous, daring adventure of discovery. We left the safe, calm haven that is Gloucestershire and headed off into unknown and unchartered waters of London as it is called. 

We met Bill, a Master Gunner, who told us that only boys aged 9 or over were allowed aboard The Golden Hinde. So, after a quick name change we were all set for our adventure.


There was a lot less room on the ship than Joel expected to find.

Bill told us all the rules and what might happen to anyone who broke them: having your tongue nailed to a barrel or being nailed to the mast which was especially bad news for Morgan the chicken thief.

It was very a very hard life being a Tudor sailor in the 1500s: capstan turning, swabbing the decks, looking out from the fighting top, map making, climbing the rigging, sharpen tools, sweeping up animal poo - and lots more besides. Alex didn't like the sound of the typical sailor's diet: ship's biscuits (with weevils for extra protein), animal lips, eyeballs and ears all washed down with watery beer. We learned all about how to fire and clean a minnion (not a cannon) and what a 'powder monkey' did.

What kept us going in these harsh conditions was the thought of all the gold and treasure that we could plunder from those big, slow Spanish galleons that sailed the Seven Seas. Ahoy Lads and three cheers for Sir Francis Drake. Hip Hip, Hooray. Hip Hip, Hooray. Hip Hip, Hooray.                      


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Comment 1 Comment by Lizzie w on 21 Sep 12 at 3:20pm | Quote this comment
Last week I really enjoyed the Golden Hinde (apart from the rude bits). :oops:

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