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ideaToday we elected our School Councillor. We did this by voting for the person who we thought would be able to talk confidently in School Council about the ways we could improve learning.

The children who were interested in becoming our School Councillor were asked to think about A Big Idea which would improve learning in school. Then they all took turns to tell us about their idea.


big ideaMaddy thought that we should introduce a prize or an      incentive for learning such as a trip to the beach.

Rosie wanted everyone to be allowed to bring in cushions to sit on in worship.

Niamh's idea involved creating book marks for each year group with specific learning aides on them.

Amelia suggested different names for table groups to make it easier to change from one subject to another.

Lizzie and Millie came up with very similar ideas - albeit separately: that at the end of each term children should pick a topic that they really enjoy to do a project on and work on them in groups.

Maisie advocated more computers in the suite so everyone had their own. This would make it easier for them to be taught specific skills.

Alice suggested a reading area for break time and Colby came up with a more specific idea along siomilar lines; namely, to turn the outdoor quiet area into a big library which could be used at break times.

 After listen to all nine Big Ideas the children thought about who they thought would make the best school councillor. They voted, in a secret ballot, and as a result Colby was elected as our Class Councillor with Maddy as the Deputy.

A Big Well Done to everyone of the children who was willing to have a go and come up with A Big Idea.

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Oh, lots of great stuff there - I'm taking notes... as is Mr Jones, I'm sure!

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