Bean buggies

When it was science week we made bean buggies with Mr York our engineer for the week.

Mr York helped us make some fantastic bean buggies. On Tuesday (our first day with Mr York) we made our buggy’s bases then we put in the electrical circuit. On Wednesday we put on our wheels and made them turn round. Then on Thursday we tested them for the very first time. Finally, we had a great time testing them on different surfaces such as ice, sand, hills and road.

By Tom G, Luke A and Jake P

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Comment 1 Comment by Finlay E on 07 May 12 at 9:51am | Quote this comment
My buggy only worked on the road because I could'nt fit the tyres on. :sad:
Comment 2 Comment by Brendan K on 11 May 12 at 6:46pm | Quote this comment
It was a great week at school! :lol:

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