Christmas maths problems

Here are some maths problems that my maths class have devised. If you bring in the answers to me on the first day of term, you'll get a team point! I expect all of my maths class to bring in the answers!! Good luck!

1.There were 405 turkeys in at Marks and Spencers (which were expensive) and 208 were sold, how many turkeys were left?.......


2.There are 42 chocolates in a box. There are 23 boxes of them on Santa's sleigh. How many chocolates are there altogether?

 By Dillon and Oliver.

3.In the tree shop, there are 100 trees.  2 tenths are fir, half are pine, and the rest are spruce. What fraction are spruce trees?

By Charlie and James.

4.There were 125 christmas trees at a market.  86 were bought, how many were left?

By Felix and George

5.You have 3 sisters and 2 brothers and you buy all of them a box of chocolates for £2.50 each, how much do you spend?

By Alex S and Lucy

6.A stocking held 43 candy sticks.  There are 6 stockings per family.  There are 7 families.  What is the total of candy sticks?

By Rowen and Geoffrey

7.Santa had 248 presents. He gave 9 presents to 7 children, how many presents will Santa have left?

By Jamie S, Joel and Ellis

8.If a bauble cost £1.46, how much will 35 baubles cost?

By Ellie and Natasha

9.Sainsbury's has 65 turkeys, they cost £6 each.  Zoe buys 17, how much did it cost and how many turkeys are left?

By Susie and Abigail

10.Santa has 25 Elves, he pays them £1.50 each.  He had £60, how much does he have left once he has paid his elves?

By Jennifer and Peggy

11.The children made 18 snowmen, it took 11 minutes to build 1.  How long did it take to build all 18?

By Brendan and Jensen

12.Santa ate 15 mince pies, 12 biscuits and 30 cup cakes.  He drank 2 glasses of milk and 15 glasses of squash.  How many things did he eat and drink altogether?

By Eliza and Joseph

13. Mum went to the shops and bought 28 mince-pies for a party.  She already had 73 mince pies at home.  How many does she have altogether?

By Dylan and Barny

14.If Santa needs 8 reindeer to pull each sleigh and he has 40 reindeer, how many sleighs can he take out?

By Alex B and Colby





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