Chocolate factory trip

We had a great day out yesterday; seeing, doing and learning lots - and having fun! Just read our comments below...

One thing I learned was ...

... that the Aztecs were the first to make chocolate. (Peggy)

...Cortez tricked the Aztec leader. (Harris) to make chocolate. (Gwen)

...they now use robots instead of human hands so they don't get germs on the chocolate. (Alex)

...what a cocoa bean pod looks like. (Eliiza)

...a cocoa bean pod is bigger than I expected! (Felix)

... cocoa beans grow on trees. (Jamie H)

... you get cocoa butter by squeezing a cocoa bean. (Amelia)

...most of the cocoa beans are from Ghana. (William)

...that cocoa pods have to go yellow first. (Poppy) they made chocolate in the old days. (Orlagh)

...that cocoa pods grew off the side of the tree trunk and the beans are white at first. (Ellis)

...drinking chocolate was made before eating chocolate. (James)

...cocoa beans need shade to grow. (Charlie S) takes 4-5 years for a cocoa bean tree to grow.(Lizzie)

...  cocoa beans get imported from Ghana to Liverpool. (Charlie R)

One thing I particularly remember is...

...the exhibition because it told you a lot about the Aztecs and it was interesting. (Lucy)

...picking a sweet and pouring melted chocolate over it because it was yummy! (Kate)

...going around the cocoa village because I was amazed at the details. (Esme)

... the big tub of chocolate mixing together. (Julia)

...writing our names in chocolate and making our own chocolate with sweets in and we could eat it. (Ellen)

...the melted chocolate because the smell was really strong and we ate some of it. (Susie)

One of the things I enjoyed most on our trip was...

...watching the eyebrows advert because it was very funny! (Rio)

... the trip into cocoa bean land because it was very funny! (Millie)

... going back in time because it was very interesting.(Jennifer)

...the roller on the roof because it taught me how it cracks the cocoa beans. (Sam)

...the moving chairs because it mde us feel like we were cocoa beans on a conveyor belt. (Michelle)

... going on the car ride because you got to see lots of things. (Joel)

... the shaking benches because it was funny! (Connor)

 ...eating chocolate because it's tasty! (Colby)

Comments that people have made about this blog post

Comment 1 Comment by Julie Fussell on 09 Nov 11 at 9:17pm | Quote this comment
Thank you for a great trip. Poppy was very excited about the day and was especially pleased with the chocolate at the end!
Comment 2 Comment by Dylan B on 10 Nov 11 at 8:04am | Quote this comment
looks like some fun!!!
Comment 3 Comment by Jane Weston on 10 Nov 11 at 8:45pm | Quote this comment
Sounds like a great trip!
Comment 4 Comment by Carly U on 14 Nov 11 at 4:31pm | Quote this comment
wow the chocolate looks so yummy
Comment 5 Comment by Oliver H on 23 Nov 11 at 7:11pm | Quote this comment
So much choclate yum.
Comment 6 Comment by William Sa on 18 Jan 12 at 4:05pm | Quote this comment
All that chocalate was making me hungry so I tried to reach into the screen :lol: 8) :D

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