Mechanical Mayhem By Matthew B

Toby was crying himself to sleep in his bed, well not his own bed, he was lying in his Uncle’s spare bed in the attic room. Below him he could hear his aunt and uncle discussing the fact he had no friends and was lonely.

“Tom listen, he’s at it again, crying in the spare bedroom,” whispered his Aunt, “he doesn’t seem to be making any friends at his new school, what will we do?”

“Don’t worry Bessie my dear; I’ve just the invention for it!” Exclaimed his Uncle quietly.

“Oh no, not again!” His Aunt said rather too loudly.

Toby sniffled in his bed hmmm.., whatever could his Uncle mean?

Next morning, his Uncle didn’t turn up for breakfast. His Aunt said, “He’s working on an important project.”

Just as Toby was finishing his cornflakes, his Uncle came bursting into the room pushing an old tea trolley covered with a big, white cloth. “This is for you, sonny,” his Uncle exclaimed excitedly. Next, he pulled the cloth off, like a magician revealing his next trick. In front of Toby’s eyes there was a gleaming new robot with buttons and screens everywhere! He stood about four feet tall and his cuboid body was made of shiny aluminium plates. His eyes, which were small headlamps, flashed from red to green. “This is R.O.B (robotic outstanding Bff) he is your personal friend, he does exactly what you tell him,” explained his uncle rather proud of himself. Toby walked cautiously towards his new metallic buddy! “Why don’t you take him upstairs and try him out with the Lego?” his Aunt said rather enthusiastically!

Back in his room, Toby took down his uncle’s old box of Lego, the robots eyebrows went up in confusion. Toby said, “you stack the bricks to build the tallest tower you can make.” R.O.B took this quite literally and after just two minutes gave a triumphant beep so that Toby turned around and before his eyes stood a three foot model of the empire state building! “wow” said Toby,” that’s awesome, what else can you build?” By the time Toby’s mum arrived late afternoon, the new friends had built a full replica of New York!

Once they had driven back to Toby’s house in Manchester, Toby gave R.O.B a guided tour of his bedroom. He then gathered his paints and brushes and his art easel, he asked, “why don’t we paint that house over there?” Toby pointed to the old, ivy covered cottage over the road.

Carefully, Toby started to do the rough outline of the cottage on his paper. When he looked up next, he noticed a strange figure painting on the walls of the house opposite! Looking a bit closer, the mechanical body looked very familiar. Quickly, he flung open the window, “R.O.B stooooppp!” Toby exclaimed loudly. “What are you doing?”

“Beep, Beep, Beeeeppp!” Squeaked R.O.B as he waddled over to the front door. Before the robot could reach Toby’s house, the newly painted door of the cottage opposite creaked open and old Mr Oakley hobbled out onto the pavement. Oh no thought Toby as he rushed down the stairs (two at a time) to explain. Mr Oakley, looking very puzzled, said “Now look at that, some kind soul has painted me front door, God bless them!”

“I, um, err….yes isn’t it wonderful Mr Oakley.” Toby replied.

Later on, Toby was setting his plastic army men up on the lawn. “Let’s build a trench for them,” said Toby.

“Beep, Beep,” squeaked R.O.B a few seconds later. Toby turned around to find R.O.B building a full sized trench with chicken wire and log defences.

“Oh, R.O.B!” Moaned Toby as he saw it had cut through Dad’s immaculate lawn and Mum’s beautiful rose bed.

“Put it back now!” Shouted Toby, annoyed with R.O.B. A few seconds later, the lawn was a pile of grasses and soil with Roses sticking out of it.

“Tea!” Called Mum, coming out onto the wooden balcony above the garden, “Toby?” called his Mum, as she saw the mess of the garden she screamed, “You…You’re grounded!”

After tea, his Mum was on the phone to his Uncle,

“I’m sorry but he’ll have to go Tom.”

Toby cried himself to sleep that night. Just when he thought he’d finally found a friend it was leaving him.

Next morning, Toby ate his breakfast sulkily then trudged down the road to school. That day at school Toby felt sad that R.O.B would have to go that afternoon. At lunch he only took a few bites out of his sandwich. Double maths that afternoon only made matters worse.

When Toby got home from school the window was smashed & shattered! Gingerly Toby stepped into the house. R.O.B was rapidly building a Lego prison the size of a human. When Toby looked closer he noticed there were bars made of Lego and he could just make out a fierce looking man inside the bricks-it was the burglar’s face he had seen on the WANTED posters dotted around town.

“Beep, beep, BEEP!” squealed R.O.B quite alarmed.

“arr go away you robotic idiot!” Growled the burglar.

Toby ran to the telephone and dialled 999. The police arrived in just a few minutes, the same time as his Mum pulled up in her green Volvo onto the drive. As soon as she heard the sirens, she began to panic and rushed to the door.

“Excuse me madam, out of my way please there’s a dangerous criminal inside the building.” Said the officer loudly, pushing his way forward. By the time a puzzled looking Mum entered, the policeman had cuffed the vicious intruder.

“Well madam, you sure are lucky to have such a wonderful ‘guard dog’ like that,” the officer announced.

“Err..Yes I am,” his Mum exclaimed.

“Does that mean we can keep R.O.B?” Toby asked hopefully.

“Yes we can but I’ll have to ask your Uncle to make some adaptions!” his Mum answered with a smile.



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Brilliant story Matthew! :P

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