Learning log blog number 3

We have only been back at school for one week and already so much has happened! We have officially welcomed the new Reception children to our school in a church service, shared Class New Zealand's Worship, watched an information presentation about how things burn, started to focus on a new genre in Literacy lessons, begun to explore new activities in Games lessons and started to think about our new topic -TREASURE- and lots of ideas connected to it such as maps, pirates and buried treasure!

There has been so much learning taking place and lots of opportunities to develop being READY, RESPONSIBLE, RESOURCEFUL, RESILIENT AND REFLECTIVE.  Make sure you take time to think about this week and describe how you have been a good learner and what you have learned. I will publish some of your comments below later on.

Have a great weekend and make sure you stay safe if you watch any firework displays this weekend!

Mrs Morgan

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Comment 1 Comment by Susie M on 02 Nov 12 at 5:13pm | Quote this comment
This week in Maths I have learnt how to find factors of numbers. I have been a RESOURCEFUL learner because I used the things around me to help me and I used a number square. :lol:
Comment 2 Comment by Martha P on 02 Nov 12 at 8:25pm | Quote this comment
I have learnt about making mini fireworks and staying safe on firework night. I have been RESILIENT in maths when I got a question wrong and I carried on trying to find out where I went wrong and correcting it. :lol:
Comment 3 Comment by Connie W on 03 Nov 12 at 7:52am | Quote this comment
In Literacy I learnt how to organise an instruction text. I used the VAK to remind me what I need to use, so I was RESOURCEFUL.
Comment 4 Comment by Laurel J on 04 Nov 12 at 6:32pm | Quote this comment
I have learnt how to make maps and learnt about instructions.I have been RESOURCEFUL because I discussed about making maps with the people on my table.

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