Learning log blog number 2!

For your homework - just like last week - I would like two sentences from each one of you to tell me one thing you have learned this week at school and how you have been a good learner. (use one of the 5 Rs). Don't forget!

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Comment 1 Comment by Connie W on 19 Oct 12 at 3:50pm | Quote this comment
This week I have learnt how to do a new division method.I was RESOURCEFUL because I used the sheet that had setting out method and I copied that to help me set my work out. :lol:
Comment 2 Comment by Susie M on 19 Oct 12 at 4:20pm | Quote this comment
I have learnt how to write an information text using loads of sentences. I have been a RESILIENT learner because to begin with I couldn't think of enough facts for a paragraph but on Friday I kept on trying and managed to develop enough facts for a paragraph.
Comment 3 Comment by Eliza on 21 Oct 12 at 9:58am | Quote this comment
In maths I was resourceful because when I couldn't times a number by another I got a timesing square and worked out the answer!
Comment 4 Comment by Laurel J on 24 Oct 12 at 8:40am | Quote this comment
I have learnt a new multiplication method in maths. I have been REFLECTIVE in my maths because i looked back at other multiplication methods and compared them.
Comment 5 Comment by Will M on 25 Oct 12 at 2:51pm | Quote this comment
I think that I was READY to put my hand up because I knew I had a loud,clear voice for the speaking role in the HARVEST festival. Recently I learnt to be grateful for our food,because other people don't have food. :lol:
Comment 6 Comment by Barny W on 26 Oct 12 at 2:43pm | Quote this comment
I have learnt how to mark division on a calculator in maths. I have been REFLECTIVE because I looked back at my work and figured out a way to mark if they are right.
Comment 7 Comment by Will T on 27 Oct 12 at 5:36pm | Quote this comment
I was READY for my spelling test as I had practised a lot. If you practise alot you get better and better.
Comment 8 Comment by Jake P on 28 Oct 12 at 9:41am | Quote this comment
I have learned that the Pelican was reanamed the Golden Hinde when it was not in the harbour. I found this interesting because I did not know that you could rename a ship. I think this makes me RESOURCEFUL because I found this fact in guided reading.
Comment 9 Comment by Isaac S on 28 Oct 12 at 3:42pm | Quote this comment
In maths I learnt a new method of division. And I was READY to move on to it. :-?
Comment 10 Comment by Luke A on 28 Oct 12 at 5:41pm | Quote this comment
I have learned the chunking method this week. Ithink that I was RESILIENT because at first I got it wrong and I tried and tried again and I got it right.

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