Celebrating our Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Well done to everyone for fantastic costumes for our Jubilee Day to celebrate 60 years of Elizabeth II ! Can you remember which decades these groups are from and who or what they are dressed as? (Team points for the first children to post a comment identifying the decade and all the characters/objects in any of the photos!)

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Herring on 13 Jun 12 at 11:42am | Quote this comment
Mrs Fowles: Flobalob!
Mrs Spill: You're a bit 'potty' you are - do you get it?
Mrs Needham: Weeeeeeeeed!
Comment 2 Comment by Brendan K on 18 Jun 12 at 7:08pm | Quote this comment
1st picture: 1970s
2nd picture: 1950s
3rd picture: 1990s
4th picture: The noughtes
5th picture: 1960s
6th picture: 1980s
7th picture: The noughtes?

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