World Book Day

On the 1st of March, class USA had a world book day at school!

We had to bring our favourite book in and we could dress up as our favourite book character, if we wanted to. We had to talk about our book and explain what we liked about it.

Macey said, “I dressed up as the grand high witch from the book The Witches by Roald Dahl.” Macey enjoyed it because she liked dressing up and guessing who people were!

Lizzie, a year 3 pupil, said, “I thought it was great fun and I liked the idea of recommending books to other people!”

Susie, a year 4 student, said, “I really enjoyed it and thought it was really fun dressing up!

Everyone in Class USA thought it was a good day and enjoyed sharing their books.

By Poppy, Kate and Gwen.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mrs Sellick on 21 Apr 12 at 6:20pm | Quote this comment
I think your costumes look great girls. I hope my class will be inspired by your blogs and write some next week! Mrs Sellick :-)
Comment 2 Comment by Syd R on 24 Apr 12 at 4:03pm | Quote this comment
i love your green hair and Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite books!
Comment 3 Comment by Julia M on 25 Apr 12 at 4:43pm | Quote this comment
nice,funny costume macey! :lol:

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