Dragster dream week

On Tuesday 13th March class U.S.A started to make their dragsters,in Blue Coat School, because it was science and engineering week.

First our class made the body of the dragster and then we put the wheels on.The next day we stuck on our electrics and eventually all of our dragsters worked.
On the following day we painted the wheels of our dragster and then put the cover on. Then they were finished! Alex said, ‘It was difficult but interesting learning how to build a dragster.’

Then the best bit was when we raced the dragsters and Kate won the fastest dragster competition, whilst Orlagh won the prize for the best decoration . Orlagh said she was really, really surprised and shocked. Kate said, ‘I was very excited and happy!’

Everyone agreed it was an excellent week at school!

By Joel, Rio and Alex

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Awsome title guys can't wait to do mine :P

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