Topic Launch Day

Topic launch day!

On February 27th, year 3/4 at Bluecoat school had a launch day, for the 3 Queens: Victoria, Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II . They had this launch day to introduce their new topic - Young and Old. Here is what they did:

Year 3 and 4 went to three different classes; class USA,  class Caribbean and class Mexico. Class Caribbean had Queen Elizabeth I, class USA had Queen Elizabeth II and class Mexico had Queen Victoria. The children had the chance to ask each of the Queens questions about their lives. Before asking a question, children had to bow or curtsey in front of the throne where she was sitting.

Gwen, a year 4 pupil from class USA, said, “I enjoyed the bit when we met Queen Elizabeth II because she is our queen,” Susie, another pupil from that class, said that her favourite bit was asking the Queens questions.

It was a great success for years 3 and 4. We hope something like it will happen again soon.

By Eliza, Jennifer and Lucy

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Comment 1 Comment by Jamie S on 16 Apr 12 at 1:13pm | Quote this comment
Brilliant I can't wait to do my own :lol:
Comment 2 Comment by Alex B on 16 Apr 12 at 1:15pm | Quote this comment
It was very fun.
Comment 3 Comment by Charlie R on 16 Apr 12 at 1:27pm | Quote this comment
I really liked that day, and I loved it when Rio got his head chopped off! ;-)
Comment 4 Comment by Julia M on 16 Apr 12 at 1:34pm | Quote this comment
I relly enjoyed it

comment by Julia M :lol:
Comment 5 Comment by Poppy F on 16 Apr 12 at 1:35pm | Quote this comment
I R E A L Y injoyd that day :o
Comment 6 Comment by Eliza B on 16 Apr 12 at 1:36pm | Quote this comment
I liked the bit when rio had to kiss Queen Elizabeth 1st hand . :-*
Comment 7 Comment by Michelle B on 16 Apr 12 at 1:39pm | Quote this comment
I really enjoyed the activities and i liked going to ask Queen Elizabeth qwestions. ;-)
Comment 8 Comment by William T on 16 Apr 12 at 1:40pm | Quote this comment
I loved that day so much
Comment 9 Comment by Lucy D on 16 Apr 12 at 1:42pm | Quote this comment
The part I most enjoyed ,on that day, was when Rios head got chopped off! :D

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