Slip, slide and we skate

On Tuesday the 20th of March the pupils at Blue Coat School had an ice skating rink visit them to celebrate the end of winter and the start of spring.

The infant playground was transferred into a winter wonderland with a snow machine and an ice rink!

Gwen T said “It was a pity that our teacher was ill but I still enjoyed it”

Poppy F said whilst she was ice skating that it was very slippery though it wasn’t real ice, it was plastic.

First of all, they clipped on their ice skates and they stepped on to the shiny surface. To start with there were a few shouts and squeals but they soon got the hang of it. The children began to slip, slide and finally skate around the rink!

The whole of Class USA said that it was very exciting and they hoped that other schools might get the chance to ice skate as well.

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Comment 1 Comment by Mr Ryan on 02 Apr 12 at 3:53pm | Quote this comment
Well done, Ellen!

I like the way that you've switched between direct and reported speech. A proper little news reporter, aren't you? ;-)

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