Science and Engineering Week - The Engineering Phase

We have had a fantastic week as scientists and engineers. There is no doubt that the next Newton or Brunel is walking the corridors of Blue Coat.

The week began with us making Safari jeeps. A flurry of activity saw cardboard boxes sliced and chopped and fashioned into chassis for our vehicles. They were then decorated to make them look like the African plains. We cut and folded the card and then glued it all in place to make axle supports secure.

The next job was to make a circuit that would power a motor which would allow our jeeps to power their way around the African savannah. We had great fun trying to make sure that the battery was wired to the switch and that the switch was wired properly to the motor. One of our expert engineers managed to wire the circuit so that at the flick of a switch the vehicle shot off in reverse!

Once the circuits were tested all the wiring was secured to the base of the chassis and then we attached our wheels and motors. We attached the switch to the top of the chassis and checked to see that are vehicle worked - most of them went in the right direction!

We finished off making the surrounds for them and then embarked on the task of finishing off our background surround. We then made lego animals who  all went off on a wonderful animal safari around the room. We thought that a safari was when people went in jeeps to see animals - but in our class the animals went for a ride in the jeeps!

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