Mind The Tractors!

As part of our Transport topic work we were really lucky to have a visit this week from the Farmers Grey. They brought with them two fantastic tractors. One was a Super Dexta made in the 1960s and the other was a new modern tractor called a New Holland.

We all got to steer the Super Dexta and climb up the steps to sit in the cab of the New Holland. The bitterly cold weather was forgotten as the children clambered over both vehicles. They asked lots of interesting questions which our experts were able to answer for them.

The children were fascinated at the differences between the tractors. The were very surprised to discover that the 'little' tractor made much more noise than the much bigger, newer tractor. They were also able to use the experience to do some great work in class the following day about the similarities and differences between different tractors and to explore further the way in which types of transport have changed over the years.

Finally, a huge 'Thank You' to Mrs Blaken for organising the visit and to Mr Grey and Mr Grey for giving the children a real afternoon to remember.

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:lol: Was it fun ? IT probally was

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