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Class Kenya started work on their new topic today by going to the airport and going on a 'flight' to a foreign land. When they arrived at the airport they were directed to the baggage drop where they left their luggage until it was time to check-in.

Once all the pre-travel checks had been completed and passports issued the children returned to the baggage drop to collect their luggage and proceeded to join the check-in queue. Hattie said that the check-in line was really long and another passenger, Lauren, thought it was really exciting waiting to check-in. Millie complained that she didn't know where to go after she had checked-in. Clearly the airport authorities need to look closely at the signs to improve the travelling experience for passengers.  

Once they had been issued with their boarding cards by the very helpful and friendly staff on the desk the passengers were then faced with the daunting task of clearing passport control. Lily commented that the Border Agency staff looked very closely at her passport , asked her where she was travelling to, and then issued her with the necessary visa and stamped her passport before directing her to the departure lounge.

According to Dylan, once they arrived in the departure lounge the passengers had to sit down and it was really fun because you got to ask everyone else where they were going to. He met a lot of people who were going to France as well as travellers visiting Kenya and Egypt.

After a long wait the passengers were finally allowed to get on to the aircraft and were shown to their seats by the very helpful cabin crew: Bernadette, Lesley, Jean, Sandy, Chardonnay and Keith-Nigel. The passengers listened attentively as the Senior Stewardess, Lesley, ran through the essential safety briefing and the cabin crew efficiently demonstrated where the emergency exits were and how to assume the 'brace' position. Passenger Tom thought this was very funny but another passenger, Amelia, was quite scared after the demonstration and thought the the plane might have a real emergency!

Passengers Maisie and Rosie really enjoyed the stamping feet take-off and landings which they  thought was very exciting.

After take-off the captain switched on the in-flight movie which was Cars. Passenger Kira thought the choice of movie was excellent - she especially liked the part where Lightning McQueen got stuck and was hanging upside down. Passenger Sam thought the idea of having a big screen for the movie was an excellent one.

The cabin crew passed through the cabin offering the passengers a selection of fine wines and food: a Château Ribena and les cookies du Maryland. Passenger Eliza described the service as very impressive. 

At the end of a long and tiring journey the passengers had to reclaim the luggage from the luggage collection store and the made their way home at the end of a full and busy day.


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Comment 1 Comment by Sarah on 06 Jan 12 at 5:51pm | Quote this comment
What a wonderful learning experience for the children; Eliza has talked with lots of enthusiasm about the day and it sounds like great fun! The cabin crew sound like they had a busy flight too!

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