Food - The Same but Different

As part of our work on food we have tried to answer the question: Do people in England eat different food from people in Kenya? We have also found out that one of the main reasons why people eat different things in different places is because they grow different plants and crops in other parts of the world and that this happens because of the climate and the weather.

From our research we found out that three of the most popular dishes in Kenya are ugali, sukuma wiki and nyama choma.

Ugali is cornmeal cooked with water to a thick consistency and poured out onto a board or plate for everyone to eat from.

Sukuma wiki, which is Swahili for “to push (get through) the week,” is a dish of greens like kale, and can be made with cassava leaves, sweet potato leaves, or pumpkin leaves.

Nyama choma is meat usually goat or mutton roasted over an open fire. It is best eaten with ugali. People in Kenya also eat a lot of taro, yams, and beans.

Jamie was very pleased to learn that people in Kenya eat nut burgers.


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I dident know half that stuff, your one smart class :o

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