Dips for Lips Opens For Business

What a great way to end the week! We have worked incredibly hard this week planning our cafe experience. We have been writing menus and invitations; making posters and flyers to advertise the Dips for Lips cafe; drawing plans of the cafe layout and even one enterprising person coming up with the idea of having live music! Finally the day that we were to receive our first paying customers was here.

We organised ourselves into different teams: waiters, dishwashers, table setters, peelers, choppers, stirrers and blenders. We peeled and chopped carrots, cucumbers, avocados, onions, tomatoes, coriander and chives - all without anyone losing a finger - much to Mr Clements' relief.   

We also had our own string sextet serenading our diners as the nibbled and munched their way through a selection of healthy dips from guacamole, cheesy pineapple, yoghurt and cucumber and salsa accompanied by a wide array of crudites.

Come back soon to see our photographs or check out the ones posted in Latest News........

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Comment 1 Comment by Mrs Buckley on 11 Nov 11 at 6:10pm | Quote this comment
Hi Class Kenya
You have all been working very hard this week - lots to do ready for your opening today.
Your dips sound delicious and very healthy snacks.
I would love to own a cafe and make lots of yummy food for customers.
Mrs Buckley

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