Walk Around Wotton

Earlier today as part of our Who am I? topic we went for a walk around Wotton. Hattie reminded us that we wanted to look at all the special buildings in Wotton. Peter remembered that the first place we stopped at was the old Blue Coat school hall.

Florence was excited at the challenge we had which was to see if we could find the "knitted Elvis" during our walk. Archie pointed out that there were lots of cars in the Chipping car park and Olivia told us that there wouldn't have been any cars if we had taken this walk 100 years ago.

We walked past the town hall and went down to St. Mary's Church. We took lots of photographs of other famous landmarks around the town. Can you name them all? In the afternoon we used a map to trace our route and place all of the landmarks on the map of Wotton.

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Comment 1 Comment by lily on 11 Oct 11 at 3:18pm | Quote this comment
I really enjoyed walking around Wotton. 8) :lol:
Comment 2 Comment by Eliza on 12 Oct 11 at 6:10pm | Quote this comment
I really liked St Mary's church. :-) :lol: :-*
Comment 3 Comment by Toms mum on 16 Oct 11 at 9:55pm | Quote this comment
I saw you all looking at the Tolsey Clock and answering questions :-) Hope I can come along next time!
Comment 4 Comment by sam on 19 Oct 11 at 6:06pm | Quote this comment
iv,e never been to the alms houses before.

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