Wonderful Week!

Hi everyone,

I hope you have had a lovely long weekend!

We had a great time last week! Lauren from Zoolab visited us on Tuesday. She showed us some really interesting animals including a snake, a giant snail and a tarantula! The children had the opportunity to stroke or hold the animals, if they so wished. I will print some of the photos and display them on our classroom window this week.

On Friday we also made our way down to KLB to take part in some sport events. The KLB pupils had set up some wonderful activities for the children and we all had a great time. Many thanks to the parents who helped to make the walk there and back possible.

Our maths this week sees a focus on measure (in particular capacity) and describing the properties of 3d shapes.

In English we will be learning how to extend our sentences, and how to change the order of phrases to make our sentences sound more interesting!

Show and tell - our second round of show and tell presentations are well under way. The children have been so confident and I have been so impressed with the independence they have shown. Please come and see me if you need a reminder of your child's date.

A few reminders:

P.E tomorrow - please make sure the children have something warm to wear in their P.E bags, and that they have their trainers!

Forest school on Thursday - this is our last session.

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