Wild Things!

Hello everyone,

We have been so busy in Class Hannu over the last couple of weeks.

Our English has been based on fantasy stories. We have been looking at 'The Magic Bed' and 'Where the Wild Things are'. The children have been using ambitious adjectives in their writing and have been using connectives to make their sentences longer and more detailed. Towards the end of this week we will be planning and writing our own fantasy stories, based on a journey to 'Where the Wild Things are'. We will be focussing on using time connectives and phrases to move our stories on.

In maths last week the children had great fun exploring, sorting and creating 2d shapes. They were particuarly enthused to learn new, interesting shape names! We were able to describe the shapes in various ways by looking at their properties. This week we are working hard with our number skills. We are trying to use simple number facts to solve harder problems e.g 2 + 4 = 6, so 52 + 4 = 56. We are also working out mystery numbers (or pairs of mystery numbers) in number sentences e.g. 23 + ? = 31 or 10 - ? - ? = 4. We are also consolidating our number bonds to 20 or 100, making sure we are really quick with recalling them!

This week we have begun practising our Christmas play. Words should be coming home with the children tonight. If you have any problems or queries about costumes, please do come and see me. 

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