Class Hannu in Wonderland...

Hello everyone,

It was great to see you all again after your holidays. It sounded like you had a nice break and managed to do some exciting things!

Last week we began looking at our new genre, fantasy stories. We have been reading Alice in Wonderland and have enjoyed the strange setting and characters! The children also designed their own fantasy settings and characters, which they described brilliantly using complex sentences. This week we will continue reading the story, whilst planning and writing our own stories. We will be thinking carefully about the dilemmas that might arise in our settings.

In maths we have been looking at calculating, including mental calculation, addition (using expanded column addition method) and division. We will continue with this over the next week, before revisiting telling the time using various intervals.

In IPC we began to think about what we already know about history and the Victorians. The children discussed some interesting facts and decided on some things they wanted to find out about including clothing, schools, transport and homes.

Towards the end of the week we began a unit of learning on e-safety. We followed Hector the dolphin on an adventure, who was learning how to be careful with his personal details online.

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