Once Upon a Time...

Hi everyone,

We have had a very busy and productive week in class Hannu.

The children were developing their story writing skills, focussing on starting stories with a really interesting beginning. Throughout the week the children read good and bad examples of story beginnings, which they used to influence their own writing at the end of the week. Well done Class Hannu, I can see lots of improvement in your story writing already. Next week we will be exploring 'problems' within stories and planning our own dilemmas.

In maths we spent lots of time exploring multiplication through different activities. Each activity was linked to a well-known story (perhaps your child might be able to tell you about each one!)

Next week we are continuing to develop our multiplication skills. We are also working within an adult supported group to begin to divide shapes and groups of objects into fractions (half, quarters, three-quarters etc.)

In IPC the children designed their own symmetrical patterns in the style of William Morris. I was so impressed with the time and care the children took over their patterns. Next week we will be looking at different ways to join materials together and we will begin to do some weaving!


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