Persuade me!

In English this week, we will be learning about persuasive text. We will be looking at simple adverts, creating our own advertising posters, role-playing different persuasive situations and writing persuasive letters.

In Maths, we will be finding missing operations in multiplication and division number sentences. We will also be looking at inverses and conducting investigations to develop collaborative working and creative thinking. We will also be promoting the slogan 'being stuck is the beginning of learning, not the end'.

In P.E, we will continue to use our balancing and juggling skills that we have developed over the last few weeks to create collaborative, sequenced performances. 

In Music, we will be looking at ways in which sounds can be made, changed and organised. We will also be learning to compose and perform simple rhythms, representing circus performers, using chime bars and xylophones.

In Design and Technology, we will be using simple tools and materials to make a moving circus performer, based upon plans that we created last week. We will then be evaluating our designs and discussing what we could do to make our designs even better and what we thought worked really well.

In International Studies, we will be identifying similarities and differences between the lives of children within the UK and the lives of children in different countries. We will also be learning abut different views and opinions regarding the use of animals within a circus.

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