First Week Back

Hello everyone,


I have had a really lovely time teaching all of the children in Class Kenya over the last half term and I am very much looking forward to continuing this into the next half term.


Our first week back promises to be a busy one. Our new IPC topic will be 'Circus' which I am sure will engage and excite the children; hopefully they will come home and tell you all about it!


In English, over the next few weeks, we will be looking at traditional tales and tales from other cultures. The children will be identifying key features of traditional tales, recalling main events through oral re-telling and story maps and exploring characters in stories through descriptive writing and a range of drama activities.  


In Maths, we will be solving problems involving counting, addition, multiplication, doubling and halving in the context of numbers, measures and money. The children will be adding amounts of money and calculating which coins they could use to pay, calculating doubles and halves of measured lengths, solving addition problems using money and length and calculating total costs of items using the context half price.




In P.E, we will be performing balancing and juggling activities developing control and co-ordination.


In Art, we will be looking at clowns from a variety of circuses and discussing how make-up can be used to depict different emotions. The children will then be planning and designing their own representation of a clown face using pastels and chalks.  


In History, we will be looking at the development of circuses from the arenas of the Roman empire to the present day. We will be finding out where circuses come from, where the first one was held, what types of performances could be seen in circuses, who used to perform in them and who used to attend them. 


In Information Technology, we will be looking at the draw toolbar and investigating icons such as automatic shapes, shadow effects, colour filling, line addition and text boxes. The children will then use the knowledge they have gleaned to create circus scenes and write captions to describe what is happening. 

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