Another busy week has flown by.

It was good to meet you all at parents evening, I hope you found it useful.

I remembered to take my camera into the space dome to share the childrens excitment with you but unfortunately I got so carried away with the activities that I forgot to take any photographs! Please look at class Egypt' blog to see how fantastic it was!

Helpers needed

On Friday we are going to St Mary's church for the school Harvest Festival (pupls only) so we need parent walkers - at least 3. We will be leaving school at 1:30 and will by return 3:00. If you can help please drop me a line or come and see me asp.


This week we completed our fairy tales with a twist. We made our stories exciting by:

Having a interesting story line

Using adjectives and powerful verbs

using similes

Next week we will be writing letters to/from some of our fairy tale characters.


We continued with multiplication by looking at money word problems.


We looked at the life cycle of a plant and the function of the different parts of a plant. Ask your child why plants have leaves.


We thought about belonging and how we would make a new child feel welcome in our school.


Your children thought of some fantastic questions about Iceland:

If it has 24 hours daylight in the summer do any nocturnal animals live there?

If it has 24 hour darkness in the winter  do the children always have to stay inside in school?

Do the children wear reflective coats?

They got me thinking!

Have a good weekend.

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