What did we do last week?

Another exciting week has passed and what did we do?

Literacy: with our talk partners we composed some exciting traditional tales with a twist. Ask your child what a traditional tale is and what features they contain. This week we will be working independenly to write our own traditional tales. Hopefully these will include some fantastic adjectives and a variety of connectives. Your child should be able to tell you how he/she can improve their work (their target).

Numeracy: We will be looking at the language of multiplication (times, lots of, multiply, the product of )

Please help your child to learn their multiplication tables. Start with 2x, 5x 10x. There are some great tapes with sing - a - long tables.

How many groups of 5 in 15?

If 6 children have 5 stickers each how many stickers are there altogether?

(Alter these numbers to reflect the multiplication tables your child is familiar with.)


Spelling: Many children have now moved on to the next set of High frequency words - well done. Their next set of words are in their book bags.


Geography: We will be looking at countries such as Iceland, Northern Canada and Alaska that have 24 hours winter darkness and summer daylight. Where are they? Why does this happen? What impact does it have on their lifestyle?


French: Looking at colours this week.  


Science: plans will be posted on Wednesday as I forgot to ask where Mrs Sprosen is going next!


The explorer Dome will be in school on Friday so we will be learning alot about space.


Looking forward to seeing you all at parents evening this week.

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